Don't be Friends!

My Girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and I had a breakup/makeup relationship. Unfortunately she has 2 children with 2 other men from past relationships. I would live with her, things would get tough and she would make me leave. Everything in my head kept telling me to move on with my life and become 100% independent, but this woman held me up during my own divorce and custody battles. Recently we had been hanging out as friends, but I just didn,t see any more passion in her eyes even though we were still sleeping together. When I confronted her finally about it she told me she just wanted to be friends and not involved in a relationship because it was her, not me....blah blah blah. Heard it before. Anyways I realized that being her friend was making it harder on me, yet helping her by boosting her ego that I still cared for her. She didn,t mind me buying dinner for her and her kids, or bringing over the beers for the night, yet being her "friend" I wanted more and she is unwilling to give me that. So in our final phone conversation, I told her she either gets me 100% or not at all. Although it seems quite drastic, I cannot bear the pain of seeing her as only a friend because we have never been friends, we were together in a serious relationship. So I am on day 5 of no contact and I can only hope that she will pick up the phone first. But if she doesn,t, I can walk away with my pride knowing that I put 100% into the relationship everyday.