Impressing/getting a Girl

I swear I,ve seen my friends do this a million times. They walk up to a girl they like, talk about/touch the girls butt/boobs, and then expect the girl to jump into their arms. In my opinion, it is one of the worst tactics and girls feel like the guy is only interested in them for her looks.

Girls want to feel like the guy is wanting to know more about them, but doesnt want to say that. You must, and i press this, you must imPRESS the girl. No, this does not mean you press into the girl, you PRESS onto her through actions that you do at school or work that you:

A: Care about your collegues/peers and will help them as much as you would your girlfriend.

B: Treat everyone with respect, because who likes a jerk?

C: That you have a great personality and have a good sense of humor

Now get out there, try out some of those corny jokes, buff out that chest, and get that girl of your dreams!!