Is he 'd 1?until end?

I realy had a crush in dis boy im 14 and he also, i know he can sense me dat i have crush on him ,we never had a chance to talk,only glancing until the day came we alrdy graduated.i was sad,but dat tym he realy can,t take his feelngs anymr ,he tell me da truth i dont know wat 2 say,i was shock he keep on staring following on me since 1st yr he admired me he told me da reason why he graduated as da no.1 its bcoz of me i was hapy but i didnt tel him dat i have feelngs to him.yrs pass destiny came he realy keep on searchng me until we bump to each o ther .hi?long tym no see!i mis u,and i luv u! We both cried.finaly i told him already ,and my answr 4 him is YES!.we celebrted very prepared i dres so wel he wil come to fetch me.i wondr wat takes him so lng.den i received a mesage from his frnds:hes in hosptl. I was so shock, i huriedly went den he was der on da bed stil alive .i ask him ,are u ok?he said hu r u?.i quickly ran out and caled da doctor.da doctor said he had an Amnesia! I serve 4 many months he didnt feel anythng about tym he said he already find da one.and i said hu?he introduce 2 me his gf i want 2 cry but i force myself.his gf thank me 4 wat i did she said we wil get maried nxt month.b4 i wil leave he thank to me .and hope u find da one he said.i said i already did its u.den i leave da room crying w/ pain in the heart.