5 tips to know that he might be into you.

First off when you like somebody it,s usually someone you don,t know or someone you know pretty well. If it,s someone you don,t know then become friends with them or at least attempt to. And if it,s someone you have known for a long amount of time then just take it slow then dive. But here our the five good tips to know if he is into you.
1. He notices you when your around and smiles or might go out of his way to talk to you. Remember just because he doesn,t it,s nothing you should worry about.
2. He talks about random things or trys to strike up a convo, if he doesn,t say anything it might be he has nothing to say or he doesn,t know what to say.
3. If your in school or just around him at the time and he talks and flirts with plus tries to make you laugh or he lightly touchs you or at least tries to get your attention.
4. Say your at a football game or a party or something and when he spots you he smiles or his gaze lingers on you everytime he catches you look at him or you catch him and he doesn,t know.
5. Movement. If he is always facing you when he is near you or turned toward you a little. And if he looks at you walk in a room and his gaze follows you to where your going.
There is my tips from my own little expierence with the guy I like. If these tips didn,t help when forget them, if they did then your welcome I gave you a little answer. And if you hated them then I could really care less. I hope you,re successful with your crush.