A couple of tips for guys

Ok im 12 but i know some stuff that will help.

. Dont EVER EVER EVER cheat if you do you know she deserves better ok why would you cheat when you are going out with someone? If you like another gal then atcleast tell your gf that you need to end the relationship.

. Make her feel special write her a song poem something to show you care she will appreciate it.

. Compliment her she will most likely do her hair upnstraighten it or something you need to notice these and compliment them not only will it make her feel special and know you care she will look more attractive.

.dont EVER EVER look at her vagina or boobs while well any where a part from when you guys are having sex ect.

. Show confidence and let her know that you trust her and that she can trust you.

. Be yourself geek or jock who cares a girl likes you for who you are bascily if ur a geek dont pretend to be a jock same thing goes for other way to.

This is coming from a 12 year old boy that has had some expirence (sh&t no sexnot this age).

Hope this helps happy days