i lied to my gf
i thought it,s better to don,t hurt her, suddenly i wake up one day and i realized i lost her
now my feelings so passionate to hug her
i feel so lust to her eyes
she was the one who understand me
she gaved me her heart in time i was trying to protect her from my sadness
if i have the right to say last words to her so i would say i don,t deserve her love from the begging but althought she had love me with all my mistakes.
she gave my everything in time i hurted her so deep in her heart.
i wish to wake up one day in her arms befor i die
we never feel the meaning of losing someone until we wake up one day and find our selfs alone, until we sit alone near the window and it,s raining out side, until we walk alone in seet dark night and u feel ur self strange .