A - tips for boys on how to get girls wanting more! READ!!!

I was with my boyfriend today and in was sitting in his lap for ages and his arms around me with my hands on top of his. He kept on playing with my hair. Also resting his chin on my shoulder. then he startedkissing me from my cheek to my eye - It wad amazing! I just didn,t know how to react, I think I made a little noise. then slowly his hand slid up to my boob and he gentlybut firmly placed his hand just on my boob, after a little while he took it off and left me wanting more! Then he would walk me to the train station and he started kissing me on the stairs! It was lovely but then I nearly fell down but he held me and placed his hand just above my bum. he then sat with me whilst I waited for the train and also more forcefully kissed me goodbye,I was left just wanting more and more! I,m 14 with my boyfriend of 3 weeks.