Tips for Guys and Girls.

Okay Gentleman, (Hope that you are one ') )
First of all , there is no girl on earth that likes Jerks.
And if you are happy that you,re a d*ck then go f*** yourself.
Cse sooner or later you will end up all alone , and itll be too late . Cse the girl of your dream will be repelled by your nasty little reputation since no girl will trust you . I mean if you tell every girl im urs and all that crap and cheat on her , nothing will guarentee that you wont do the same to your dream girl and that my friend will push her away . Trust me.

Why guys have to be jerks? . Can,t you confront the girl ?
If you are not intrested , tell the girl . BE MAN enough to do so . I mean , dont just blow her off by disappearing . Tell her , sorry ,your a nice girl but we can,t continue dating or something ... just dont be rude.

And it,s not all about sex guys. Your a d*ck if you all care about what you want to get from her . Cse the girl doesnt see it that way... The girl loves a guy for himself and not for his d*ck . And so should the guy .
So please guys , if you wana get laid just hire a prostitute and don,t f**k up girl,s lives.

Now ladies, I think you liked how that sound right?. Most of you would agree.
The most important thing is that you begin the relationship based on TRUST . You should trust them . And if they f**k*d up the first time , play hard to get. Make them WANT you . Make them REGRET ever doing so . IF you forget them for cheating once and you still love them ,forgive them .
But if they f**k up again, kick them in the balls ! Be the b*tch . And then theyll come crawling like dogs...but then DONT give them another chance ...cse theyll screw up again and youll be hurt again .

2.Give them some space..... dont be OVER jealous cse then the guy would feel suffocated , and they might lose intrest. Same thing goes for guys . Don,t call them every 2 minutes or know about every tiniest detail . its such a turn-off.

3. Always surprise each others. Do the little things couples do . Like guys come from behind your girl and carry her in the park .
Bring her a rose every once in a while
Ask her friend what she likes and try to do something nice
Cook dinner and put scented candles.
Hold her hand in public
Kiss her when your with her friends or yours
Tell her ALWAYS that you love her.
Tell her that you MISS HER.
If you can,t commit to her, don,t get involved in the first place ! ....
and so on...

I hope you liked them :) !
Gossip girl . :p
joking .Me.