Soft tickling

I tried this on my girl friend and it worked out awesome! so dudes what you do is

Tickling: make sure you always do it very gently, don,t forget how fragile these girls are, gently sqeeze their sides, they love that. they usually giggle really cute or laugh. My girlfriend has a really tiny waist and she,s really tiny so sometimes i pick her up and tickle her. she loves it! another thing you can do is when a girl is teasing you,take her somewhere like a bedroom and tickle her belly under her shirt!! she,ll laugh like crazy and won,t tease you anymore.
Another way to gently touch a girl is by massage or rubbing. not in a sexual way of course. but if she,s tired let her lay down in your lap and softly rub her shoulder. or if she,s not feeling well, let her rest her head in your lap and rub her tummy back and forth softly. all of these tips work, i tried them out.