Long Distance, Young Love

I,ve been in a long distance relationship for A year & Almost 6 months, We met for the first time over spring break. He stayed with me for a week, Honestly, Not one time did it feel awkward, When I saw him at the airport he hugged me like he,s known me for years & as if I meant everything to him. He,s 15 & I,m 14, Were a year & a day apart in age. Although we are more mature then most Teenagers. To keep a Long Distance relationship going you always have to keep that spark alive, All the failed attempts at seeing him, Just made me push harder to finally meet him, & When I met him.. Those days meant the world to me. I wish luck to everybody who is in a long relationship, It,s not the easiest but if you Love the person then you,ll always push through the hard time.