GUYS! 5 things to make her crazy about you!

(1) When you kiss her, put your hands gently on her waist. Girls love guys who are romantic, and this to girls is exactly that.

(2) Tell her you think shes beautiful. Esspecially when she says "omg I look a state!!" or "I look horrible today :( " because it will make her happy to know you think shes beautiful even when she doesn,t feel it.

(3) Tease her. playfully tease her but make sure you don,t take it too far, you don,t want to piss her off!

(4) Make her feel special. You want to make her feel that she means something special to you and you care about her.

(5) when you catch her eye/make eye contact hold it and look deep into her eyes. It,ll make her crazy about you!!