What I did on my fourth date...try it!

At about the third date! Lets say shes waiting for you at the beach and shes looking at the waves, come up behind her and hold her by the waist then whisper in her ear "Hey beautiful". She will shiver with joy, then you say are you cold? i dont have a jacket so heres my shirt! Take off your shirt and she,ll see your rockin bod-if you have one..-and then say lets go lay down and look at the waves. when you lay down put your arms around her and hold her close then go in for a kiss! start of slow and work your way out to full out make out status! she will feel your bod because your shirt is off and it will be awesome. she,ll put her arms around you and hold you close and tight. roll over so shes on top....and ugh do whatever else you want! At that point your all in lol