What to do at the pool . ( or teenight when your with your guy !! )

okay well, guys love it when you touch their necks. so when lying down at the pool, hold his hand then softly kiss his hand and then lean up and kiss his neck. after that he may turn around and kiss you.

when in the pool you could sneak up behind him and put your hands around his waist! trust me they love it.

also when swimming with him you can play wrestle in the pool and fight over a ball (its a great way to get close) and it works for getting him to kiss you

another thing - when your swimming and you get back from eating some food . or the bathroom , run up behind them and jump on their back - but only do this if your back is half way into the water ... it works -

also what you could do is when your in the pool you can pick her up (like you would hold a baby) and then slowly stare into her eyes and kiss her on the lips.

i hope this will help you at teenight or when your swimming at the pool during the day or watever .