okay so you and your girlfriend are making out,you START SLOWLY (in my opinion this is important) and you just hold your hand in one place for 1-2 min,then try to reach her neck and gradually start to stroke it,afterwards place your hand through her whole body(neck,chest,ribs) to her outer thigh,stroke it from her thigh almost to her knee and back to her thigh for 1 minute then place your hand on HER HAND and put it on OUR CHEST and put a bit pressure on her hands and drive her through your chest,neck,abs and back to your chest for 2-3 minutes :) this will surely turn her on!!! try it...I just did it today and the results were surprising...I felt like her nipples were harder than ever which means that she was turned on :)...and we were out just for 40 minutes,TRY IT!!!