His Kiss

okay so my bf and i were over at my friends house and they went in the other room while we were watching a movie and we just sat on the couch for a while and then i went on the floor in the big pile of blankets and he said "I think I might have to come down there" and I said "no wayy! this is all mine!" and sure enough he came down and tackled me we kinda wrestled in a playful manner trying to pin the other person and then he, of course, pinned me. He said "shh" as i tried to get out of his playful hold and then i stopped and looked up at him. There he was with his big blue eyes smiling at me. I smiled lightly in return to his. Then he leaned in for a kiss, just a peck though then he went back to looking at me. A few moments later he went in for another kiss, but this one was different, this one he at first gently pressed his lips to mine and after a few moments opened them slightly and the tilted his head so that we our lips met perfectly. This was his kiss. He was in total control and lead me wherever he wanted. I was his.

So ladies let your men lead the kisses too. He wants to give back and show you his ways. Let him. Oh and remember that people will generally like being kissed in the same way they are kissing, so try to mirror image what your men are doing.