Pure Love..., suddenly all the happiness in the world disappeared

Hey there,

I met a girl on Facebook, she was a friend of a girl I knew. I started talking to her, but we didn,t meet. she lived quite a few miles/kilometres from me. we talked for like 3 months, in the first 2 months we talked, 7 days per week and at least 1.5 hours a day,

I told her everything about me, and she told everything of her life.
I opened my heart for her love...

every time I imagined her, I didnt imagine us kissin, or doing something else, no.

I just saw myself and her sitting on a couch, she was laying in my arms and we were watching a movie. I just wanted to feel her warmth, I loved her

I fell in love with her the way I i had never fallen in love in my life, and I think I,ll never love someone as much as i loved her...

one day we talked on msn about a problem that had occured, and then the words came: I know we can never be more than friends.

She kept saying that she didnt know how it happend, but she didnt feel anything anymore for me,

and im about to share it with you:

Never open your heart 100% for a girl wich u dont know well, or with whom u dont have a serious relation,

girls want the boys to be mysterious and ,cool,. if u show them the REAL u, the,ll also see your parts wich are (my english is not good srry for that) vourneable (sentimental).

now 15 days have passed, I havent lived the last 15 days, i,ve kept listening love songs, or songs about breakups en stuff

i just spoke her again on msn, asked her why she is still awake,
the only reason for me to do that was that, if she responded, i had to cross her mind.

like a saying says: I think of you all the time, but I dont ask the same.

dont stop believing in Love, because without love, we are as good as animals.

God is Love,

Mr. Dark Temptation