Honesty but.... if you want him back this is how.

I have been looking at these tips.

I think the one thing you all are leaving out is the importance of honesty during and after a break up.

There is nothing more painful, or ego hurtful than being rejected by the one you think/or are in love with.

First, you may not want the person back as much as you think you do. Step back let the ego heal, give them space and lots of it. In fact disappearing from their view if possible is a good idea.

Every person has bad qualities, even the be-loved one. Make a list of the bad qualities and things this person has done to you. Keep going over it.

Let the person go, if they do love you they will come back to you. If they don,t why would you want to be in a relationship that consisted of one person not loving another?

One person told me: The best way to get over a man, is to get under another one. Re bound relationships don,t last but they can rebuild your ego and be a lot of fun.

Don,t beg your ex, but its ok to tell them the truth about not wanting to break up and being in pain. Then step back and get away not only will this make the person value you more. It will help you value yourself more.

Get a massage. You may not be able to experience the touch of your loved one and don,t want to climb under another man. Go get a massage, it is benign and feels good.

Make sure if you are ever in a place where your ex is going to be that you look your best. Clean up when you go out, even to the grocery store. Smile they will wonder what they are missing...

A little goes a long ways. Take care of you, and the rest will follow.