Girls and guys please read it could really help you 9its a little long tho

Okay so here area few tips for you guys. :)

GIRLS: okay this all depends on how far you are planning on going, if your just planning on making out here are somethings that will drive him crazy if you put your hand on the back of his head and brush it through his hair or you could feel his abs or arms (if your guy doesnt have abs its alright just feel his stomach.) if your planning to go all the way then you could start off by doing what i said before then undo his pants but dont touch anything yet just leave him hanging then pull away and wait till he pulls you back in then push him down on the bed or couch and continue making out with him and im sure you can take it from there.

GUYS: again depends how far your going (don't presure her into anything) first start off with your hand on her face then you can move it down to her stomach and if your going a little farther you could undo her bra and feel her boobs then start to kiss her neck ( i know it really turns me oN)then you take off her shirt and push her down on the bed or couch not too hard and start to kiss her neck again and make sure she is comfortable and take it from there im sure you know what do to :)