i had a gf of almost 5 years during this time we had are ups and downs but we were always there for each other we were always moving and working but at the end of everyday we supported each other we never seen eye to eye because of our jealousness for each other after 3 years she went home to handle business, for us both and drank to much and cheated i forgave she came back to where i was working then we had problems not sure why and she was done with me said we would be friends then we took a road trip and fell in love again but still she would not tell the guy to stop texting her then we moved back home things were ok but she started again then at a friends party she cheated 3 times in 1 night i guess trying to make a statement she said she was sorry but it was like she wanted me to hurt her but i couldnt then we moved cross country to start fresh at first it was ok but we made it i thought then she started acting distant staying at work disappeared for 2 days then she said she neede to see her family and i sent her and sister home witch one small detail her sister is married to my best friend,so i paid for the trip and when she got home she then told everybody she was single and started staying at a guys house did not visit her family and was telling me she was at her dads house her sister told me the truth when i confronted her she denied i asked to be allowed to confront him to say i knew thats all she said no we then again moved now to middle of nowhere she told me she wasnt gunna leave i told her her sister had told me she was i told of my fears of her being with this other guy she denied well long story coming to end i was right then she left after telling everyone we knew a bunch of lies and went to him and did everything i said but always blames me i ve been in constant depression and feel like iam drowning now all of a sudden after her telling me we would always be friends that she was useing me and i was paranoid she told me to never talk to her or be friend -

- tip just know when to give up for me it was to late and problem i still love her so dont be like me in the end she is happy with her new boyfriend and i am alone with nothing to show for 5 years and i am still not angrey people are people