Kso, im a girl and i know what i like during a french kiss "session" (:
We love it when you take control
Lean us against a wall (:
Be aggressivee
Bite our bottom lipp
Tease us at times :D
Dont be afraid of PDA
Dont tell us to take the lead
Rub ur hands everywhere but our butt...
Go ahead try up our shirt (:
Dont be afraid to be aggressive, believe me, she,ll love it. Girls love the feeling when you be aggressive. It makes us feel below you. And most of the time, girls think thats awesome (: Leaning us against a wall is even better, it gives us even less control xP
Be in control, if we wanna leave or stop, dont let us! Keep the kiss goingg. But if you,re wayyy taller than her. Give her REALLY SMALL breaks so she can breathe and her neck wont hurt! If you,re outside, knock her over, and go on top of her. Believe me, its fun :D
So go on guyss, try it! Your girl will love ittt