Cheaters and Liars

I dated a guy for 8 months without knowing he had a girlfriend WHO LIVED IN MY SAME TOWN. The guy (let,s call him Lee), was a gifted liar. Lee was affectionate, fun, and sensitive. He was private, and hid his cheating under the guise of privacy. Lee and I entertained at each others houses, but he would always go to his other girlfriends house, she rarely came to his. Lee was friendly, and said his close friendships with women were with those that he worked with or knew for a long time, most of them having boyfriends or husband that are his friends too. Everytime I looked through Lee,s phone, email, or at his facebook page, there was flirting, women saying they missed him, enjoyed talking to him,or asking him to come hang out. He says they are his friends and gets mad that I looked through his things. I know he,s lying, but he won,t admit it.Now I think everything he says is a lie, so I dumped him!