I want him back :(

so me and my ex had been together forr well over two years i was 16 at the time and now im 18. he broke up with me over a text saying he wanted to take a break for awhile. i found out he broke up with me for another girl. a month later he came over and we did the "BIRDS AND THE BEES". we didnt talk the whole summer. and then finally one night he texted me at three o,clock in the morning... "Everytime i look at the picture frame it makes me cry"... "i xxxxxx up im sorry". i was cry because i was so excited. this was the day ive been waiting for i said to myself. well it didnt happen this new years came around and we ended up hooking up at this party. and now hes denying the whole thing every happened. and it sucks because i still want him back. he was my first love and i want him to be my only. love is out there you just need to find it. if you lost it dont give up!!! its been 7 months and im still fighting for him. so stay strong and someday hopefully like me he will come back for us.