Some Tips on how to Look & Act

The biggest mistake when a girl has a crush on a guy is for the girl to talk, talk, talk. Guys don't like it when they just have to listen. He has things to say, too. Give him a chance to get some sentences in, and LISTEN to him. He'll feel more open if you have eye contact with him, you don't mess with your fingernails, etc. He'll enjoy talking to you. Also, don't talk about yourself. Don't be afraid to ask him questions or his opinon on something. It can really help for you two to get to know each other better and start thinking about a relationship.

Another thing. If the guy that you have a crush on is a little 'popular' or 'stylish' then, honestly, don't dress like a slob. Guys like it when girls actually put an effort into what they look like; it shows that they have good self esteem. Think about it; would you like a girl that wears her hair all sloppy and dresses in baggy clothes? I wouldn't. Dress nicely, remember to act like a lady, and do NOT by all means yell when he's around. Guys don't like it when girls yell or laugh loudly. It annoys them. It's best if you keep to a quiet, flirty sort of style. Guys also like it when girls play hard to get. =) Good luck.