it dosent always work to get your man back

well really girls it dosent always work to get your man back sometimes it does and sometimes it dosent but if you do here are some tips on how to get him back just be cut eact like you dont miss him at all smile laugh and flirt flirt flirt with other guys but him and then he will realize o man look wat i lost shes gorjus!!!that happened to me and my boyfriend and all i did was cry cry cry but then i did all of the things i just told you to do and he came back to me!!! well he just broke up with me about 1 month or 2 ago and i am so depressed and sooooooo sad he told me things just werent workin out to him!! but to me and all my friends thought it was the ideal realationship!!! i love him soo much!! but i realized he just dosent want to be with me so im not gonna try to get him back im just gonna let things do wat ever between us and i no we are done for good!! but just remember baby i still love you!!! but girls remamber just cause your boyfriend broke up with you dosent means he hates you it could be he just didnt think things were goin how he wanted them to go!!!