I Miss U B. Im so sorry. I think u r too. I know it werent u, it was me 2. Im so so sorry we were so perfect. I KNOW u think about me and i watch u all the time. Like last night when u were dancing i wished u were dancing with me. I know u thought he was more important 2 me than u, but he never was. I never betrayed u. Even now when im with other guys i feel like its wrong. I cant carry on without u, and the worst thing is i see u everyday. Its not seeing u everyday, but realising i have a year and a half left to get u back. Coz soon i wont b seeing u :( and im really gonna bludy miss u. Coz u were my BEST friend b and everything above dat. The worst thing is, u dont know how i feel, and i know u dont hate me. Let me know if u have moved on coz i really havnt and i wont. Ull always b my B. We were so young n stupid n ruined the love we had 4 each other. Seeing u everyday working and being the beautiful person u are is dat one thing dat keeps me holdin on 2 u. I hope u read dis one day xxx :(