Soothing Touch

Humans are born to enjoy touch. Research with infants shows that those who are touched frequently and massaged end up doing better on intelligence tests. That need for touch doesn't go away as we grow up, either! Every one of us has his or her own levels of contact they enjoy. Some people were raised that touch is bad, and now have built 'walls' against personal contact. It's time to work through those walls and enjoy the pleasures of just touching.

Whether it's a friend, a co-worker or your partner, one of the best ways to get contact is through a backrub. It can be short and friendly for a friend or coworker, or long and intimate with your partner. Everybody appreciates a back or shoulder rub! You forget how sore those muscles get until someone kneads the tension out of them.

Here's a great book to get you started. If there's a class offered by your local community college, sign up with a friend or your partner! It's even more fun when you learn together.