Missing them

I hane been with me ex for 3 years we split up 3weeks ago and yes im still hurting, the hardest part is that we lived toghether and still do which is really hard. he left as he dosent know what hes feeling any more, in otherwords he wants the greener grass.
at first i kept txting calling asking where hes been then i noticed he stopped coming home coz i woz the nagging cow. we saw each other for the 1st time yesterday as we both work shift work, and i noticed becoz i had give time and space apart we were completly different with erach other, and i truely belive we will get there

just hold on girls if you let them do what they want to do they will realize that it aint exactlly that exciting with out you listen what they want it gives them respect. i know its hard but dont contact them at all txt ur m8 instead take you mind of it, if they truely want you they will come back

hpoe you all the best for thre future