the truth of my part is , well i was at the high school dance and then of couse this boy was there , and i had asked him to dance the first dance went pretty good , then later on we were dancing like THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of times , i actually had liked this guy since summer , but then , he asked me out when we where dancing i said . YES , well we didnt kiss , we just mainly huged and talked , but of course he wasnt the guy everyone "Liked" , since im the kinda person whos outa the group hes in , but then this girl came up to me , and told me , he was going to cheat on me for her , later i broke up with him , and he wont talk to me or anything anymore , when he does look at me , its mainly just glares , it sucks to be me right now , i know it wasnt a SPECIAL relationship , but he did mean ALOT ALOT to me , like i feel invisible to him now , i just wanna be in his arms again , listen to his heart beat , i see him every f**king day at school , it hurts alot .. i miss him and i dont know what to do anymore