If they don't even know you exist?

Notice: This works best for people in school!

First: They need to know your name! Try to get called on by a teacher in the class you have with them, and do this until the teacher uses your name.

Second: Wave to them in the hallways. This is a big deal in school! Waving means you consider them your friend.

Third: Are they in any clubs? If so, join them! They'll see you more often, and know you share a similar interest.

Fourth: Do you walk the same way to any of your classes? Do they live in the same direction as you? If so, strike up an innocent conversation. "Did we have homework in math class?" "What did you think of our sub?"

Fifth: Wait for them every day, not oppresively, but as an available friend. If they start up the conversation and sem to look forward to talking to you, this is a good sign.

Sixth: Be late. Don't get to the 'meeting spot' on time. See if they wait for you. If so, good! But remember; don't make them late for class or home.

Seventh: Ask them out. But don't use a note from no one, or a messenger. Don't do it in a crowded place. This shows respect for their feelings.

Good Luck!