Ok so my ex and i broke up like 2 and 1/2 yrs. ago...I broke up with him because he kept going out with his ex, claiming they were just "friends". And I mean he was honest about it, he didn't have to tell me but then one time we were in my house and his phone rang. And it was the "My Boo" song by Alicia Keyes...And i was liek who is that? and he told em it was his ex calling...I mean dude what kind of ringtone is that. So I broke up with him. and I know this sounds like "oh my God get over him already" but I can't ....and i can't do anything to change that...I don't think about him constantly but I do from time to time...I stay away from him as much as possible. I don't talk to him on the phone. I wait until he calls . He only calls sometimes. I miss him so much and no matter who I'm with I can't stop thinking about him. Not to mention when I see him...I feel like I'm crazy...I just saw him like 3 weeks ago and when i got home i texed him and told him how i loved him and missed him. i also said i didn't know what else to say or to do and that i was tired of trying but that i just wanted him to know that i will always love him...he didn't even tex me back...yes i felt like the most stupid girl on Earth. But hey what can I do?