lads care about themselves!

i wa goin wit this lad id fancied for like 4 year! we got togeva around christmas time and stayed togeva for 2 month..ok it aint that long but i fell in love with him..we broke up cos he 'fell' for sum1 else! but after all the time apart i still love him to bits.were still mates and c each ova every day. but i dnt no whether im comin or goin cos sumtimes well jus be messin around n hell lean in and kiss me or hold my hands..his friends say he wants to get bak wit me, but then wen ppl talk to him he wont! my tips are to start takin care of your appearence more, do summert different wit ur hair! dont let him no u still like him, and have a good time with ur friends..especially if hes watching. stay away for awhile n exercise, then wen he sees u agen ur way sexier. good luck peeps hope u get him bak cos it sucks wen u luv sum1 n they dont giv a shit