Listen girls it honestly works!!!

My partner of 3 n half years decided that we were to young for a serious relationship n needed our space to go out n live our lives. Basically he wanted to be one of the lads. Well at first i was inconsolable n cried constantly. Some people even called me the psycho ex. i would ring him all the time, find out from friends wot he was doing and one night i even found myself on his doorstep begging. Everyone told me to stop texting him, ringing him n contacting him in anyway n i didnt believe them. i thought my way was best. I decided to listen everyone else advice one day and i stopped txtin, ringin or tryin to contact him and guess wot.... i got a phonecall askin if i cud go round his house and collect my stuff. and then after that i started to get txts ad phonecalls regularly. well now girls we have started to and rekindle what we had although we arent rushing back into the relationship and im stil playing it cool, n i have him eating out of the palm of my hand. So girls the moral of the story is, although you may believe your instincts to ring him n contact him are right, they are NOT!!! Listen to others advice because although its taken him 2 months to come bk hes cum bk so urs will too. It'll be ok, he will realise evntually wot hes lost and want it so badly he will do anythink to win you back. But remember you still gotta play it cool!!!