Joint Purchases - Take Turns

Usually itīs easy to divvy up stuff when you break up. He gets his clothes, she gets her clothes. He gets his sports equipment, she gets her bikes and roller blades. However, if youīve done any joint purchases, that is where you can run into disagreement.

Do your regular divvying first. Anything that you even start to contest, just put into a pile. Doing the main sorting will help you realize just how much is yours anyway, in most households :) Now, stare at the pile. Take turns, one by one, removing items from the pile. Donīt go by monetary worth, because something that is worth a lot of cash may not be nearly as important as something that really means a lot to you. Take turns and go through the pile, choosing items.

When youīre done, if you want to offer a trade, then go ahead. But remember, both of you have valid reasons for wanting things. You arenīt going to get everything you want. Compromise is key.