trying to win your ex heart even though he is with someone else

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and one day he couldn't take it anymore and he broke up with me. i found out that he was talking to a "friend" when we were dating and confronted him about it. I was stressing and getting depressed because i had alot on my plate but i took it out on him. we broke up a week ago but when we broke up he said that i was the first to know that him and his "friend" are getting serious. I've done everthing i shouldnt have done. i cried, i begged, i pleaded, i texted and emailed him, i even said all men are trash and i guess he saw that so the next day he put on facebook that he was with a new girl now and took my picture off his page. i guess he wanted me to be jealous. well i was. now that he is with the girl i am taking all measures to shape up and get a complete makeover to show him that i am and will always look better than his corney girlfriend. but i need help. I guess i needed the space more than he did but now i am missing him. he is a totally different person now. he seems heartless. i told him to tell me he loves me he said he couldnt because it wouldnt feel right. i believe that slut had something to do with it.