well just last night me and my girl split up, and i cried im not afraid to admit it. It was an 8 month relationship and we got so close to eachother, it was already seeming like it was ment to be. Wrong. She told me that she lost her love for me, and that she always ends up not liking her boyfriends in the end, it feels bad because she told me i was her best relationship...and then she acted like she didnt care much, and well i respect her, i do want her back, alot. I wont show it to her but i will always want her back. We were perfect. Ill give it some time and wait i guess. Who knows she still wears her half of the love necklace we got and the bracelet i gave her, maybe she does still love me, just wants to get away for a while. Im not getting my hopes up, but i will be here for her if she wants me back