^_^ for you ^_^

For You....

The one whose eyes
melt away my sadness...

The one whose smile
chase away all my fears...

The one who can make me feel so happy...

I don't know if this can be love
but I'm glad to have you

You gave me that silly idea
that I can be more than I am now
That even if stars are far for me to reach
They can also fall...

You made me see the possibility
That things may not what they seem to be
You made me believe that i could have
The beautiful things for free....

I know that we can never be together
I know that you are far too much for me
I know that you and I are not meant to be
Still I can't help the feeling
Feeling that I am now falling
Coz you're the one who made me feel
that dreams could come true...