Me and my boyfriend's pet names

Nex to the more standard names like baby, honey, dear, sweety,
he calls me 'chunky' or 'chunka-lo' (Im slim and sometimes a little chubby but I always have to laugh when he calls me that because he himself is heavy, althoug I call it husky)
He also calls me 'my little pinda' (because I'm part indonesian), 'hoonie', 'cuddleberry', 'peach blossum', 'wipperwill', 'sexy lady', to give a few examples.
I call him 'hunky bunky', 'sexy', 'sweet cakes', 'lovydovy', 'cuddly bear', 'schatje' (is dutch), and when he says: 'pretty lady', I always answer with 'sexy man'. Yeah, we like eachother ;-)