from a personal coach

There is only one person you can be, and that is yourelf.
- Show her that you care
- go above and beyond the call of duty for her
- make her feel special, coz she is
- use mannors
- always dress above the occasion
- when meeting her for a dat, buy her a gift or some flowers
- actually listen to what she has to say and remember it
- let her be herself
- be yourself, if your not funny don't try to be, if your shy be shy, if ur romantic be romantic
- do things that are fun
- let her pic the movie, even if its boring for you
- pay attention to details, body language, acts of emotion
- is she is touch feely, do it back equally dont go further
- wear a nice "Eau de toilete" she will love it
- wear deodarant, she wont like you looking like you have been swimming with your clothes on
- take care of yourself, use cleanser and shampoo's not SOAP
- iron your clothes, be presentable
last tip
- enjoy her company and make her feel like you actually CARE, coz if you dont CARE you don't get anywhere.