scarlet feeling

seeing you makes my day complete
that's why in my mind your name i can't delete
your face, your smile...for me is so sweet
i just can't forget the first day we've met

but each time i see you near,
a loud beating from my heart i hear.
it's not your presence i can't bear
but the explosion of my overjoyed heart is what i fear.

day and night i always pray
that our paths will cross again someday
so that to you i can always say,
"you make me smile in a special way."

i just don't know how you make me glad
when i feel rejected and really sad
trying to forget you makes me feel bad
it gives me heartaches and makes me mad.

thanks for being my inspiration
that caused a lot of commotions and emotions
and though i know you're not quite a perfection
in my heart you'll always be a pure satisfaction.