He wanted you, he wants you. What DOES he want?

I had a boyrfriend for about 5 months and he was amazing. He had every quality i was looking for and more. It was happy and stuff, but then. i broke it off. I dont really know why. Bow i wish i could take it back. Dont break up with him just beacsue know you still love him cause later on youll regret it like i am doing it now. I remember after our breakup we would still talk hed tell me he only liked me as a friend and that he didnt love me. But then he said that the only truth was he couldnt stop thinking about me. And he wanted to be with me. but he couldnt because it wouldnt be the same if we went out. And it hurt to know that. We dont talk anymore. like we used to. I mean... not at all. And it hurts, because i love him.