Becoming a Gossip Item

While you may not care what other people think, it does end up affecting your relationship. If you are committed to your partner, you want people to know that. If you and your partner are known as being together, but every time you go out youīre seen flirting strongly with someone else, itīll become known pretty quickly, and now you and your partner will have to deal with the gossip that results.

Thatīs not to say flirting is bad. Everyone loves to flirt! But if youīre with someone, you need to at least be aware of how what you do affects your relationship. There are enough huge hurdles for relationships to overcome without purposefully trying to drive a wedge between the two of you.

Imagine if you two go to a wedding and during the entire wedding your partner was pawing and schmoozing a pretty member of the opposite sex, while you sat and watched. Now imagine that every person for the next two months either made snide comments about it or joked about it with their friends. You can see how this might cause trouble for a relationship.

Flirt, but flirt wisely. Your partner should always be the prime focus of your attentions, otherwise itīs not really a relationship.