Dont call, text, ect.

My girlfriend and I were together for two years, two fantastic years. About two weeks ago she said we needed to break up, she said she needed some space to grow and think of life. We were together all through HS and we had grown dependent on eachother, so her request was a valid one. When we broke up we decided to set a date to get together and reevaluate our situation. But me, being a complete jack ass, I couldn't give her the space she needed. I had prolly sent about a dozen e mails to her and about 20 ims.

It was the biggest mistake of my life, the only regret I have ever had. If your ex asks for space just give it to them, at all costs. When you have the feeling of calling them or texting them, go work out or call a friend or do some homework, ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all but call them. See since I couldnt give her the space she asked for I dont belive that there is ever a chance of us getting back together. So if they ask for space, for your own good, give it to them.