The 3 Be's

For future reference:

- Be mysterious. The less you let him in on your personal life, the more he will be interested in you. Don't tell him anything about your personal problems. Save those for your close friends/family. Guys can pour their heart out to us, but when we do, they get turned off. They'll think we're too emotional, and that's not what they're after: a "drama queen." If you feel the need to tell him, do so but never go in depth. You should only pour your heart out when you two have passed the test of time (whatever it is).

- Be happy. Majority of guys tend to go for the ones that look and feel like they're "on top of the world." You'll appear sweet, charming, highly-spirited, and care-free. Doesn't mean you should act like your head's always up in the clouds, no. Just be down-to-earth, have self-confidence, and flash those pearly whites to show off that radiant smile of yours. :D Yes, it's not fair when most of us aren't always "happy" like we'd want to be. But life's never fair, and guys are no exception either. Basic truth is they like happy gals. So be optimistic around them, and your time together will always be a fun one.

- Be patient. Retain from making any impulsive comments or behaviors. Basically, think before you speak. Being impatient will give him the impression that you're judgemental or irrational. Also, when he's talking, listen, think, then speak. Interrupting him nonstop will only drive him away, and reduce possible conversations with you. By all means, no emotional outbursts unless they're coming from pure happiness. If you're upset about something, it's ok to cry in front of him. But please, don't explode like a volcano unless there's a death in the family or something incredibly serious. Big turn-off. Keeping your cool shows that you're mature, and he'll respect that even more. Last but not least, it's ok to not return his call every time. It's impolite to do that to your family/friends, but treat guys differently. Don't be his beck and call. You'll seem convenient/desparate, it'll bore him, and he'll think he can have his "way" with you. Act like you're really busy. Better yet, be busy all the time. There's family/friends, job, school, shopping, pampering, etc. Let him know that you TOO have a life, and that he's not YOUR top priority. It's hard, yes, because you want to be with him or you don't want him to get mad at you. But remember, guys want what they can't have.