love or lust

is it love or lust? my bf of 1yr has asked me to marry him and i said yes becasue i love him but then all we started to do was fight and and make up.we will fight over the littlest thing. like if i didn't call him and he would question what it was i was doing. well then i started to think well all we do is have sex and if were not having sex we are fulling around and then i started to think is this love or lust? i didn't know.i know that i love and have feelings for him but it was when he went on vacation with me and my family and when he didn't want to do something like go on the sea doo or play corn whole he said that he was to tired and that his head hurt. but then later that night he was fine to full around. he never wants me to go anywhere by myself. he wont let me go to the store to get milk by myself he wants me to take one of my sisters with me because he knows how guys are. but i mean come on getting milk yea sure. this vacation was just a real teller of who he is. i have friends where we go on vaca. and they are guys that are my age and he just sat their not talkin or anything and i think one of the reasons why he got on my nerves so bad was because their is one of my friends their that i do like. i have a big crush on him and he's really nice and sweet but he lives to far away and i think that might me a reason why i feel the way about my bf of 1 yr. is because i saw the boy i have a crush on and i realized that my bf doesn't have any goals. but i don't want to brake up with him and then have me regret everything.