Internet cheating

Internet cheating seems to be a popular thing these days. Just because your significant other doesn't leave a trail of paper, doesn't mean he or she isn't cheating. I think it's something that is fairly new, that most people probably don't even think of in their day to day lives.
But I think the most important advice I can give a person, is if you find someone cheating remember that you aren't the person with the problem, you aren't the uncaring person who just isn't trying hard enough or just doesn't understand. The cheater, or your significant other who is cheating on you, is the one with the problem, who doesn't understand what it's like to be emotionally connected and honest. And it is their responsibility to handle it and deal with it, not yours. So don't feel like you've got to be nice or help them through it or even be understanding about it.After all, when they were cheating they weren't thinking about you. So as hard as it is, move on with your life, because there are lots of fish in the sea, you just picked up a rotten one for a moment, throw 'em back!