Jealousy of Partnerīs Coworkers

Itīs easy to be jealous of your partnerīs coworkers. Your partner is spending tons of time with them, maybe eating lunch with them, maybe going on business trips to fun places or working long hours on projects you donīt understand. A large part of your partnerīs life is being spent with others, and it doesnīt involve you.

Since for most people work is a necessary occupation, you need to find ways to feel more comfortable with this. If your own relationship is sound, your mate wonīt be tempted by those others he meets. Donīt torment yourself over those īother peopleī - just concentrate on what you and your mate *do* have. Build your relationship into a strong, solid one, and you wonīt have fears that it could fall apart because your partnerīs new coworker is young and attractive.

It also helps to learn more about what your partner does, to become, as much as you can, a īpart of this worldī. If you can, go out to lunch with him/her sometimes, or go to corporate functions, or just learn about the projects. The more that this becomes īyourī world too, the less threatening it will seem.