When it's time to break up

ok i have been thinking about breaking up w/ my bf for about 2 out of the 4 months we've been dating, and i realize now that i should have dumped him a long time ago, like, when skool got out and i suggested breaking up so we'd be 'free' over the summer, but he's so indecisive that we just stayed together. i now have to face breaking up w/ him after dating him for even longer than i did then. So if you think that you're in a bad relationship or if you just want to break up, you need to sit down with him or her and do it!! it's not worth waiting and dragging out something that's not gonna work. like me, you might be afraid of hurting them, but trust me, it's better for both of you, and i know you've heard this over and over, but take my advice just do it...you'll feel a lot better. but only rush into breaking up if ur absolutely sure it's what you want...well i'm no dear abby but i hope this tip works for ya!