7 Days

So we went out 4 lyke 2 weeks, an everthing was fyne. Then one day he says "I aint ready for an relationship." I think what? But its better he tells me the truth rite? But dont mean it dont hurt. I really liked him, an wanted him bac.. but he wasnt ready.

So this is what i did, i played the game.I didnt call him, didnt text, i left him 2 himself, after a week he calls, an we cht. The conversation is the best, we hve loads 2 talk about. I chtted 2 him 4 20 min.. an sed i had 2 go. It left him wanting more..

He missed me, thts what made him call, u have 2 make urself unavalibele, guys lyke a challange.

If u bugg them, they dont lyke it, guys dont lyke clingy gurls. Jus make them run after you.

Worked 4 me.....