Tell him whats on your mind

Tell him whats on your mind, Or what your thinking about in your exact moment.
i met this guy like 3 weeks ago, i always tell him how i feel and when im on the phone i tell him i miss him and i cant wait to see him again and he always replys with a scream and instantly says i cant wait to kiss you again or something in that region. Well from all the things i have been telling him he asked me out last night. i told him that i was watching a movie today but i wasnt paying attention to it because his smile was on my mind and i would turn over and think of him then glance at the movie and repeat myself, his reaction was increadible..omg..i cant talk about him anymore i miss his voice. but dont rush into any i love you's or your my everything because sometimes guys will think you are moving to fast with them and it might freak them out. most guys DO NOT like clingy gurls. and if he calls you, you know its a plus. Let him call you but give him a ring everyonce in a while...and for guys, its the other way around.