fate works in a funni way

i had been crazily in love wif my ex for 4months. our love felt so perfect...we felt comfortable being 2getha, being able to be open and voice each otha's thoughts and feelins. everione hu new us thought we were the perfect pair...yet fate has ended dis love so sudden and unexpectly just rite afta our 3rd month.

my ex gf rang me 1 nite and said dat she needs a break n b friends for now...i accepted it reluctantly...but hav 2 face it...i told her i will wait 4 her...n still m...

ova these pass few weeks ive been finkn wat xactly ive done rong...she says 'its not u, its me' i didnt believe it. coz the fact i noe i hav said quite stupid fings to her. ive made fun of her name at times even though she told me to stop...

if ur gonna b in love...make the most of it n treasure the one and onli girl/guy ur wif. love is neva a waste of time if u pik the rite 1.

for those waitin for their ex lyk me...if u noe the fact that it was a perfect love b4 n it just ended all of a sudden...theres nuffn u can reali do xcept wait patiently n giv ur girl/guy sum time...if fate brought u 2getha n made it perfect...but fate ended it all of a sudden...den there has to b a reason behind it...soon enuf u will find out...'fings just work in a realli weird way'

gud luk to you'all